PRESS RELEASE (Bedford, MA - 1/26/2006)

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture at Bedford Acupuncture Center

Best known for pain management and balancing the body, acupuncture has many more benefits that people are not aware of. Radiant skin and natural beauty is one of them. How is that? The answer lies deep in the body’s natural ability to circulate energy and blood to where the body needs it the most. For example, people who have digestive trouble, the stomach, pancreas, liver, and intestinal functions are treated to improve the body’s digestive system. For Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, focus is placed on bringing out the natural potential of your skin by reducing stress and then improving circulation of blood and life energy (Qi) to the face. When we are young and growing, our skin has a natural glow that radiates exuberantly. Acupuncture simply helps us re-achieve this natural potential.

Yoko Chun of Bedford Acupuncture Center, who has been offering acupuncture to the greater Bedford area since 1999, explains “For long term benefits, I recommend an initial course of twelve treatments over a span of three to four months. Cosmetic benefits will be maximized by follow up treatments. Some people may see benefits right away, while others may not see benefits until the 7th treatment. The benefits also depend upon a number of factors including diet, smoking, and other lifestyle habits.”

For many people, effects of acupuncture seem counter-intuitive. Acupuncture treatments are a painless and safe way to help the body find its center. “Many of my patients have a quiet doze during my treatments.”

Yoko has found much success with a variety of patient health needs. They include, but are not limited to, allergy symptoms, sleep disorders, infertility for both men and women, and back pain.

To find out more about this refreshing and new approach to skin and beauty health, visit, email, or call 781-696-6782.